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Create User Testing Tutorial Videos

This is an online money making method that I personally partake in from time to time. Sites such as User Testing pay as much as $10 per user tutorial, where the worker screen and audio records the navigation of a website or the process of installing items such as software products and then sends the video to the employment provider for them to use as they wish. The videos are usually about 5 minutes long and are quite easy to create for those who have good, clear speaking voices and are able to manipulate this type of procedure.

Write Articles and Blog Posts

Have you the knack for writing interesting articles, as well as a good grasp of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure? Professional writers are much sought out across the internet. Most sites expect nothing short of genuine professionalism though, so be sure you are well practiced with writing before taking on jobs that may prove to be a bit overwhelming.

Online Business Tips – Income Generating Ideas

Do a search for building businesses and created servicesĀ and you will beĀ met with a barrage of methods that are more than likely too good to be true. 90% of the time, they are. This doesn’t mean there aren’t genuine ways of making money online, however. We have put together 3 genuine ways of making money on the internet and building businesses below. They probably won’t make you rich, but could prove to be a decent financial supplement if you put some effort into them.

Get Paid For User Participation

There are several sites online which offer their users the ability to make small amounts of money through surveys, trying out free offers, making small purchases and redeeming rebates via the product receipts. Sites such as Swagbucks and InBoxDollars are just a few of several. These sites are two of the most reliable and rewarding, from what we can see.

Be Professional

These are only three of many available online moneymaking opportunities. They are three of the most reliable, however. If you pursue online moneymaking be sure to come as professional as possible while doing so. There are still jobs and just like in the real world we have to appear to be serious and give the impression we know what we’re doing.